Branches of Agriculture

There are seven different branches of agriculture by industry.

  1. These include
  2. aquafarming
  3. farming
  4. apiculture (beekeeping)
  5. fishing
  6. forestry
  7. ranching and whaling

Farming comes in many different forms like alligator farming, aquaculture, contract farming, dairy farming, integrated farming, orchardry, organic farming, pig farming, poultry farming, sericulture and sheep husbandry.

There are four different subcategories of forestry such as:

  1. agroforestry
  2. analog forestry
  3. forest gardening
  4. forest farming

Although agriculture can be defined briefly, it is made up of many different interconnected parts. This industry is very important for the economic progress of a country. Not only does it feed the whole population, but it accounts for a significant percentage of the Gross Domestic Product of a country.

What is Agriculture - Modern Farming

As people know more about what is agriculture, they become more aware of the long history of how ancient civilizations used innovations that had led to how we practice agriculture today. As the years had progressed, the meaning if agriculture, which is the process of planting, harvesting crops and animal husbandry, is still the same but the methods and the modes on how the end results are achieved have already evolved. Because of researches and technological advancements with the help More...

What is Agriculture - Its Relationship with Agricultural Science

As people practice agriculture to get crops and to raise livestock, they have to be able to understand the normal growth processes of the plants and the proper means of feeding the animals. When people ask what is agriculture, the term agricultural science is often connected to the question. This is because this is the branch of science that is responsible for studying, researching and implementing new developments that can improve the productivity of agriculture. Agricultural science is very important More...

What is Agriculture and what are its Common Methods

There are a lot of people who think that agriculture only involves farming and planting different types of crops. But if you really look into the question ‘what is agriculture’, you will realize that it really involves different methods of preparing food from crops to animals for the sustenance of the population. One of the most popular methods in agriculture is crop cultivation. In this method, different types of crops are being planted and are allowed to grow until they More...

What is Agriculture in Economy

The hard labor of farmers is the basic driver of agriculture. But even if the farmers are the people who earn money for the crops that they produce, agriculture still plays a very important role in the economy of the country. If you try to find out what is agriculture, you will realize that many countries all over the world actually relies on agriculture to bring money to their nations through trading and export. When these countries produce more crops, More...

What is Agriculture - Modes of Agricultural Practices

When people ask ‘what is agriculture’, it is usually implied that they also are not aware as to the modes on how agriculture is being carried out. Well, there are two major modes of agriculture that is still being practiced today. The first one is conventional agriculture. In this mode, the farm or the area where the crops will be planted are prepared by clearing, cutting the trees and cultivating the soil. In addition to that, a specific irrigation system More...

Teaching what is Agriculture to Children

Agriculture is an important aspect of a country’s income generating sector. But why should children in schools be concerned about agriculture. This subject is already integrated in the curriculum of numerous institutions all over the country. Teaching ‘what is agriculture’ to children is important primarily because it will teach kids to be aware of where their food came from and how they have been produced. If students are taught on agriculture and the processes involved in the production, processing, and More...