Branches of Agriculture

There are seven different branches of agriculture by industry.

  1. These include
  2. aquafarming
  3. farming
  4. apiculture (beekeeping)
  5. fishing
  6. forestry
  7. ranching and whaling

Farming comes in many different forms like alligator farming, aquaculture, contract farming, dairy farming, integrated farming, orchardry, organic farming, pig farming, poultry farming, sericulture and sheep husbandry.

There are four different subcategories of forestry such as:

  1. agroforestry
  2. analog forestry
  3. forest gardening
  4. forest farming

Although agriculture can be defined briefly, it is made up of many different interconnected parts. This industry is very important for the economic progress of a country. Not only does it feed the whole population, but it accounts for a significant percentage of the Gross Domestic Product of a country.

Teaching what is Agriculture to Children

Agriculture is an important aspect of a country’s income generating sector. But why should children in schools be concerned about agriculture. This subject is already integrated in the curriculum of numerous institutions all over the country. Teaching ‘what is agriculture’ to children is important primarily because it will teach kids to be aware of where their food came from and how they have been produced. If students are taught on agriculture and the processes involved in the production, processing, and More...

What is Agriculture - Its History

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Understanding what is Agriculture

When people hear the word agriculture, the first thing that comes into their minds is planting crops. But agriculture goes beyond the act of planting. So what is agriculture? It is actually an art wherein there is a manipulation of the food web involving plants, animals and humans. Yes, agriculture also involves the process of rearing animals aside from growing plants and crops for the consumption of human beings. This is the reason why agriculture is also called husbandry and More...

What is Agriculture Engineering

Even in the past, the human ancestors were already using machines to help them in accomplishing farming tasks such as irrigation. But today, the use of technology and advancements has already been very vast that special discipline in agriculture has been created. And this is agricultural engineering. But what is agriculture engineering? This aspect of agriculture is defined as the use, development, and the research of numerous engineering sciences to assist in the processes of farming. This type of engineering More...

What is Agriculture - Modern Farming

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What is Agriculture - Understanding Agribusiness

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