Branches of Agriculture

There are seven different branches of agriculture by industry.

  1. These include
  2. aquafarming
  3. farming
  4. apiculture (beekeeping)
  5. fishing
  6. forestry
  7. ranching and whaling

Farming comes in many different forms like alligator farming, aquaculture, contract farming, dairy farming, integrated farming, orchardry, organic farming, pig farming, poultry farming, sericulture and sheep husbandry.

There are four different subcategories of forestry such as:

  1. agroforestry
  2. analog forestry
  3. forest gardening
  4. forest farming

Although agriculture can be defined briefly, it is made up of many different interconnected parts. This industry is very important for the economic progress of a country. Not only does it feed the whole population, but it accounts for a significant percentage of the Gross Domestic Product of a country.

What is Agriculture in Economy

The hard labor of farmers is the basic driver of agriculture. But even if the farmers are the people who earn money for the crops that they produce, agriculture still plays a very important role in the economy of the country. If you try to find out what is agriculture, you will realize that many countries all over the world actually relies on agriculture to bring money to their nations through trading and export. When these countries produce more crops, More...

What is Agriculture to the Common People

Even if agriculture is very important in the economy and it is constantly being brought up in economic talks and in national news, only a few people really care about this powerful industry. In order for the people to know that this sector will affect everyone in the population of the country, they need to be taught the basics of what is agriculture and what are the contributions of this sector to the common person. For the common person, agriculture More...

What is Agriculture Engineering

Even in the past, the human ancestors were already using machines to help them in accomplishing farming tasks such as irrigation. But today, the use of technology and advancements has already been very vast that special discipline in agriculture has been created. And this is agricultural engineering. But what is agriculture engineering? This aspect of agriculture is defined as the use, development, and the research of numerous engineering sciences to assist in the processes of farming. This type of engineering More...

What is Agriculture Policy

When agriculture is being practiced by a certain country, there should be rules and regulations governing the use of methods, techniques and practices by the parties involved in the numerous processes of harvesting, production, and delivery. For the people who are asking what is agriculture policy, this is the set of rules and laws that cover both the farmers and the consumers. Each country or jurisdiction may have varying policies governing agriculture. But many of the provisions under the laws More...

What is Agriculture and what are its Common Methods

There are a lot of people who think that agriculture only involves farming and planting different types of crops. But if you really look into the question ‘what is agriculture’, you will realize that it really involves different methods of preparing food from crops to animals for the sustenance of the population. One of the most popular methods in agriculture is crop cultivation. In this method, different types of crops are being planted and are allowed to grow until they More...

What is Agriculture - Organic Farming

Agriculture is a process that involves raising livestock and cultivation of numerous types of crops. Different techniques are used in growing different plants and animals but there are certain processes that are regulated to reduce harmful effects to plants, animals, humans and to nature. This aspect of agriculture is called organic farming wherein the use of synthetic chemicals is being reduced or completely excluded. If you know what is agriculture, then you know the importance of harvesting healthy and clean More...